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UNWLA - Branch 124

Xристос Воскресе! Воистину Воскрес!
Christ Is Risen! Indeed He Is Risen!

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Ukrainian National

Women's League of America

Soyuz Ukrainok

Branch #124 - 124 відділу

St. Petersburg, Florida

President :  Olya Czerkas

Vice President:  Donna Kulba

Secretary:  Karyn Klos

Publications:  Vera Swade

Treasurer:  Irene Popovich

Archivist:  Maria Brown



Can you believe it’s March already?

I hope that your year has started off well and that you are still on track with all of your New Year’s resolutions.
Hmmm…It’s so hard to keep all of them…That’s my excuse.
Still trying to keep some!

This year has begun with many wonderful things happening.

Potato Pancake Brunch

We started the year by making some wonderful brunches. The potato pancake brunch was a great success.  With all of the positive feedback, we decided to try having “Nalysnyky”  filled with delicious fillings for our next brunch.  

“ Nalysnyku”  Anyone!
We decided to have another brunch. This time we tried “Nalysnyky”.  We made over 200 “Nalysnyky” and they were all sold.  More noticably, there were many more people that came for the second brunch. They enjoyed the meal, sat around talking and laughing, connecting with old friends, and making new ones. As I stood in the kitchen looking out into the hall, it was a pleasure to see so many people enjoying themselves while supporting us.  It was really touching!  

As you all know, things don’t just happen. Many hands make life easier.  I can’t thank everyone enough for their time and dedication. With all of us working together, we were finished preparing for the brunches in no time. I won’t list everyone’s name. You know who you are.  Sincerely, thank you.

I do, however, have to single out one person. Every activity needs to have a “chief” or, should I say, “chef”.  Thank you, Mychilo, for directing and giving us your knowledgeable support. You have helped so much and made the preparation for these events enjoyable.  

“Staying Healty”

Inya had a presentation for us in January called, “Staying Healthy”.  Being a dietitian, she talked about the food groups, what we should eat and what should be avoided. She also talked about portion control. (Sweets! Portion control…What’s that ) She spoke about the health benefits of some foods and how these foods can positively affect our lives. The presentation was interesting and very informative.  Thank you, Inyu.

Ukrainian Cookbooks

Christia knew of two Ukrainian cookbooks that were published, one from Philadelphia and the other from North Port. She made a few calls and she ordered the books for us. This was a huge task. Many women purchase them with the intent of either giving the cookbooks for gifts or trying out some of the delicious recipes themselves.  ( Anyone  wondering why I haven’t been able to stick to my New Year’s resolution!)  Christia, you’re great. Thank you for getting the books for all of us.  Just a little side note….By purchasing these cookbooks, we were also supporting our fellow sisters with their fundraising. 

Our Web Page

Yaryna has been working very hard at helping us begin a web site for our branch.  We have so many activities; both past and in the future, that we would love to share through our web site. It would also be nice to have pictures and ideas posted. Also this would be a great way to have people learn more about us and join our organization.  Yara has taken on a big project. It will be on going and will take much work getting started. Thank you, Yara.


It is amazing how many Ukrainians there are in the area. Katia was out with her family wearing her “tryzub”. A woman saw it and started a conversation, saying she was also Ukrainian.  Katia, thinking ahead, invited her to join us when she can. The woman and her daughter are now on our mailing list.  We hope they will join us soon.

In the same way, through conversation, sincere enthusiasm when meeting someone new, making people feel welcome, and by extending an invitation which many of you have done, we can bring more women and their many talents into our branch. Keep smiling and looking for future friends.

Upcoming events and activities:

Making Easter Wreaths
Eva had a great idea. She suggested that we try making Easter Wreaths just before Easter.  She brought in a beautiful  sample and we decided that we would get together, make the wreaths and sell them. This is one of our fundraisers.  The wreaths will be sold on March 11th and March 18th. 

Here is some important information about getting together to make the wreaths.

        Date: Saturday, March 10th, 2012
        Time: 10:00 a.m.
        Location: Church Hall 
         (430 90th Ave. North. St. Petersburg, Florida 33702)

We will be making the wreaths on this day. If you have anything that could be used on the wreath such as yellow or blue ribbon, flowers or greenery and anything that you think would be cute for an Easter wreath, please bring it.  We have some things already but can always use more.  If you have a hot glue gun, please bring it also.

Learning to Make Mrs. Pestyk’s Cookies 

    Mrs. Pestyk is a fantastic cook and baker.  We asked her if she would teach us some of her techniques for baking cookies and other sweets. She is very willing. Since it will not take long to make the wreaths, we decided we could make the cookie dough on Saturday, March 10th,  also. 

Please join us.  We will be making the dough with Mrs. Pestyk’s help and taking the dough home to bake.  These cookies can be frozen and will be great for Easter.  We are trying this baking activity for the first time.  It should be fun and we will be helping ourselves get ready for Easter!
We are asking that you bring the following: (You can double the recipe if you wish.)

1 lb. butter or margarine
4 ½ cups of flour
1 ½ powdered sugar
1 ½ cup of ground walnuts
1 egg
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla  

March 15th, Slovic Folk Dance Performance at
St. Petersburg College Music Center

    The visiting Ukrainian Academy of Dance from Toronto, Canada, will be performing at St Petersburg College at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 15th.  They were performing in Orlando and were asked to make this special appearance at the college.  This event is hosted by SPIFFS . Three Slovic nationalities will be represented at this event, the Ukrainians, Serbians, and Russians, all performing their ethnic dances.
It would be very encouraging for our dancers to see a good representation of Ukrainians in the audience.  We are asking that all who attend this program dress in their  “Vyshyvka” so that Ukrainian community show a powerful representation.  Let’s support our dancers. 

Mrs. Serna is selling tickets at the church hall on Sunday after mass. You can let me know if you are interested and I will ask her to set tickets aside for you. I heard that the dancers are excellent. Consider attending. 

Here is the information about the performance:
        Title: Slavic Folk Dance Extravaganza
Date: Thursday, March 15, 2012
        Time: 7:00 p.m.
        Cost: $10.00 Donation   
Address: St. Petersburg College Music Center, Gibbs Campus
        6605  5th Ave. North
       St. Petersburg, Florida  33710

Easter Baskets for Our Friends

As you all know, making Easter Baskets and taking them to our elderly or sick was a very touching part of our Easter celebration last year. It not only positively affected their lives by letting them know that they are cared about, but it also made a great impact on us, the women who made the baskets and brought the baskets to our elderly friends of our community.

This year we plan on doing the same.  We will be sending out more information concerning this. We ask you to please let us know if you can think of anyone who needs or would like a visit from the “Easter Bunny”. We don’t want to miss anyone. And as you know…. It is what you do for others that is left forever. 

Wow! And I thought I would write you just a few words. However, there is so much going on and a few words just wouldn’t be enough.     

Please consider joining us for our activities and events.  Hope to see you soon.

Wishing you a peaceful, healthy, and productive week!
         Olya Czerkas
            UNWLA - Branch #124


  • The Ukrainian National Women's League of America, Branch 124 hand-crafted beautiful Easter Wreaths in a wreath-making session on March 10th in the Parish Hall.

  • You can see some of the unique Easter Wreaths by clicking on this link
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