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Epiphany of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church
Українська Католицька Церква Богоявлення Господнього
St. Nicholas Party

Xристос Воскресе! Воистину Воскрес!
Christ Is Risen! Indeed He Is Risen!

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Saint Nicholas Party

We hear about Saint Nicholas the Bishop of Myra

Saint Nicholas was a real person.  He was a Catholic Bishop, who lived a long time ago.  He loved other people and lived very simply so he could give things to others, especially children.  He would give small gifts to poor children to bring the joy of Christ into their lives. 
Saint Nicholas comes to visit us

December 6 is the feast day of Saint Nicholas, but he has so many, many children to visit that he can't visit them all on the same day, so he came to us later, since it is so nice and warm in Florida and he needed to visit the children up north who were shivering from the cold and very much in need of some cheer!
We entertain Saint Nicholas with songs and stories

An important guest, like a Bishop, should be properly entertained, to show that we appreciate his coming to see us.  We told stories and sang songs to show Saint Nicholas that we love him and want to see him!
We tell the true story of Christmas as the birth of Christ

Christmas is the Happy Birthday of Jesus!  We did a skit about his birth in Bethlehem so long, long ago.  It is important to have Christmas not just once a year, but every day.  By giving ourselves to Jesus through our prayers and sacrifices, He can be born in us and we can give Jesus to others all year long!
Saint Nicholas has helpers

Saint Nicholas has many helpers.  They help him bring gifts to people all over the world.  The gifts bring joy and love, but it is not the gifts that bring joy and love but the sacrifices that made the gifts possible.  We love you Saint Nicholas and we want to help you to bring joy and love to the whole world!
Our St. Nicholas Party Photos
St. Nicholas Party Photos
Learn About the Real Saint Nicholas
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