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Epiphany of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church
Українська Католицька Церква Богоявлення Господнього

Xристос Воскресе! Воистину Воскрес!
Christ Is Risen! Indeed He Is Risen!

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Pope Benedict XVI's YouTube Channel
Pope Benedict XVI's official YouTube Channel with 972 videos.  The Holy Father is reaching out to his flock in a more personal visual medium.  There is much for persons of all ages and levels of spiritual development.
Pope John Paul II Celebrates the Ukrainian Divine Liturgy
Pope John Paul II celebrates the Ukrainian Divine Liturgy at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.
Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Website - Ukrainian
The official website of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church with Current News. Church History, Official Documents, Photos, Videos, Sermons and much more in the Ukrainian language.
Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Website - English
The official website of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church with Current News. Church History, Official Documents, Photos, Videos, Sermons and much more automatically translated into the English language.  It may be necessary to click on the translate button at the top of the window.
Lubomyr Husar's YouTube Channel
Lubomyr Husar's YouTube channel.  It is all in the Ukrainian language, however there are videos and photos of Ukraine that may be of interest to those that do not understand Ukrainian.  There are 68 videos and in many of them there are younger Ukrainians that are visibly moved by his words.
Lubomyr Husar's Facebook Page
Lubomyr Husar's FaceBook page.  Anyone can access the page, but must join FaceBook to use all of the features.
Lubomyr Husar Celebrating the Divine Liturgy in London
Lubomyr Husar celebrating the Divine Liturgy in London - a very nice slide show with beautiful singing!
Lubomyr Husar in Zarvanytsia
Lubomyr Husar in Zarvanytsia, Ukraine for the Sobor of the Mother of God.  Nice footage of the Ukrainian countryside and churches.
Eparchy of St. Josophat in Parma Website
Official website of Bishop John Bura, Eparchy of  St. Josaphat in Parma.  The Latin Rite is organized in dioceses.  Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches are organized in eparchies.  Epiphany of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. Petersburg, Florida is in the Eparchy of St. Josaphat and Bishop Bura is our bishop.
EWTN Website
The website of Mother Angelica's Eternal Word Television Network is a cornucopia of resources for all Catholics.  Explore the site and deepen your Faith!
Word on Fire Website

There has not been a Catholic program on commercial television since the days of Archbishop Fulton Sheen.  Under Cardinal George of Chicago's inspiration, direction and networking we now have Fr. Robert Barron's Word on Fire on WGN-TV in Chicago.  We have access to those programs through the Word on Fire internet site!

New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia Online

New Advent started the very labor intensive task of digitizing the 1914 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia through the volunteer efforts of interested Catholics.  The work has been completed and available on the internet and on CD for many years.  The Summa of St. Thomas Aquinas and many other resources are available on this website
Catholic Answers Website
Karl Keating started This Rock magazine, an superb effort at Catholic apologetics, back in the '80's and it has continued to grow into the impressive internet presence, Catholic Answers.  You can find answers to all the questions and challenges of both Catholics and non-Catholics.
Marcus Grodi's The Journey Home Website
One of the biggest secrets that will never appear in the commercial media is the mass exodus from Protestantism into the Catholic Church.  The best, the brightest, and the most devout are returning to the One Flock, and the One Shepherd!
James Likoudis' Website
As a fervently devout Greek Orthodox Christian, James Likoudis had many troubling doubts and began to research the Christian Faith.  His prayerful search led him into the Catholic Church, the Church that Christ founded upon Peter the Rock.
USUkraine YouTube Channel
The USUkraine Foundation has many YouTube videos about the civil government and the Catholic Church in Ukraine and particularly about the Catholic University.
Scott Hahn Bible Study
Noted biblical scholar and former Presbyterian minister, Dr. Scott Hahn has made a free Bible study program available online - study at your convenience in the privacy of your home.  Dr. Hahn has appeared regularly on Mother Angelica's EWTN.
During the Soviet persecution, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church was the largest, illegal Church in the world.  The suffering of the Church while it was underground for 70 long, very hard, years was, in a small way, like Christ, suffering on the Cross.  That suffering lead to the joy of the Church emerging from the catacombs, like the joy of Christ, resurrected from the Tomb!
A very short history of the Church in Ukraine.  Almost every Ukrainian family has members who had suffered much.  The scenes from the Holodomor, the genocidal starvation of Ukrainians, by the Bolsheviks cannot be viewed with emotional indifference. 


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